How to become Collector

How to become Collector
Name: Abhilasha Sharma

Most students aspire to be collectors at some time in their lives. Students who have completed or are in the last year of their graduation exams are more likely to have this ambition. One of the most profitable, responsible, and respected positions in India is that of a District Collector. Every year, almost 8 lakh people apply for the Collector test.

Those of you considering a career as a collector may be wondering how to get started. We’ll go through how to become a District Collector in detail in this article. So keep reading to learn more.

How to become Collector

What is the definition of a Collector?

An IAS Officer who manages an entire district, maintains law and order, and collects revenue is known as a District Collector. A Collector is a Central Government officer who is in charge of the state’s administration and holds the highest rank in the state.

The State Government supervises the Collector’s work, despite the fact that the Collector is appointed by the Central Government.

To become a Collector, which exam is required?

The Central Government appoints Collectors, and candidates must pass the Central Government’s Union Civil Services Commission (UPSC) test. This test is only given once a year.

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